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A unique collection of home fragrances

Perfumes & Mountains are made in Grasse, inspired by the mountains and flowers. One, two, three sprays made according to your desires brings nature into your interior. Spray into the atmosphere, on a plaid, a ceramic… your imagination has no limits.

Produits parfums et montagnes
Diffuseur Feu de Bois

Woodfire mood scent

A well-deserved blaze

This woodfire mood scent will invoke a cosy and smooth atmosphere A few notes of incense and elemi essential oils, a hint of cedar and silver birch to conjure up a cosy, woodfire atmosphere. Passionate effect guaranteed

Bougie Chataigne grillée

Chestnut mood scent

Smell grilled at will!

This suave and fruity chestnut mood scent will fill you with wonder A particularly warm and gourmet aroma will welcome you into a well-deserved break The aroma of roast chestnuts will awaken your tastebuds and arouse your senses.

Spray ambiance myrtille

Blueberry mood scent

A sweet and loving aroma

This blueberry mood scent will arouse your nose, not your tastebuds A touch of sweet fruit and there you have it. Add some energy to your interior! This crisp blueberry is capable of awakening your senses and transporting you up into the green mountain pastures

“Creating mood fragrances that look like me was my desire, finding a creative perfumer to live up to my desires was a challenge. Hélène Prévot, perfumer creator in Grasse, crossed my path and it is undoubtedly called a beautiful meeting !

Hélène Prévot is a Nez taking the time to listen to our history and our projects. She was able to enter my world of scents from the mountains of the Alps that I wanted to bottle. Today Hélène has created nine fragrances for my range of mood fragrances such as genepi, absinthe or blueberry… we begin research on the tenth, we will live a period full of riches and surprises and we will start the tests again until we obtain the ideal perfume.

Thank you to her for her availability, professionalism and enthusiasm.”

Catherine Plantier

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